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Rams 2015 Icelandic 720p BRRip DTS x264-ANTZ

Cover: Rams
Movie Info: Rams (2015) 7.3/10
This Winter Get Sheepish - In a secluded valley in Iceland, Gummi and Kiddi live side by side, tending to their sheep. Their ancestral sheep-stock is considered one of the country’s best and the two brothers are repeatedly awarded for their prized rams who carry an ancient lineage. Although they share the land and a way of life, Gummi and Kiddi have not spoken to each other in four decades. When a lethal disease suddenly infects Kiddi’s sheep, the entire valley comes under threat. The authorities decide to cull all the animals in the area to contain the outbreak. But Gummi and Kiddi don’t give up so easily – and each brother tries to stave off the disaster in his own fashion: Kiddi by using his rifle and Gummi by using his wits.

Director: Grímur Hákonarson
Genre: Drama
Starring: Sigurður Sigurjónsson, Theodór Júlíusson, Charlotte Bøving
Category:Movies > Foreign > Icelandic
Media Info:
Property Value
Overall Container Format Matroska
Bitrate 1 981 bps
Video Duration 1h 32mn
Format AVC
Width x Height 1280x536
Aspect 2.40:1
Framerate 23.9760 fps
Library x264 core 148 r2692 64f4e24
Audio 1 Format DTS
Language Icelandic
Title 6 channels
Mode 16
Bitrate Mode Constant
Bitrate 1 509 Kbps
Channels 6 channels
Sample Rate 48.0 KHz
Subtitles Languages Dutch
Size:5.55 GB (100%)
Files:104 files
Rar Contains:
Filename Password Size Date
cFE5wPpbp9Vswv35/film/Rams.2015.Icelandic.720p.BRRip.DTS.x264-ANTZ.mkv No 4.37 GB Apr 12, 2017
Password: None
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Posted:Apr 13, 2017 (2.4 Yrs ago)
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