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2/9 - Lots of stuff has happened, good times for sure.
- Minimum sizes have been set for most categories, that way a lot of spam is blocked
- a.b.multimedia.anime.highspeed, a.b.series.tv.divx.French, a.b.teevee, a.b.series.tv.french, a.b.movies.divx.french, a.b.movies.french, a.b.hdtv.french have been refreshed
- Release recognition has been updated, recent browse page looking very sharp
- HTTPS has been set as default
- Retention for normal friends upped from 300 to 900 days
- Detailed Group Statistics
- Storage has been moved to SATA 3, read speed is about 440 mb/s on a single ssd ;-)
- Age, category and group filters added to search
- You can now set the retention of your usenet provider in your profile, the lower the value, the quicker the site.
- Down voted releases easily recognized by red color
- Image preview & screenshot can be viewed in full size
- Last but not least, we now have reached 2000 days retention!
Awesome stuff!

1/16 - A few changes here and there
- Proper proper backup's are now available, a remote server takes care of a daily mirror of the website, it's about 700 GB currently!
- Working NZBVortex buttons
- Small CSS changes
- Down voted releases are now marked red
- Best friend comments have a medal
- Danish category has been added

1/13 - Retention on the website has been set to 300 days for normal friends and is currently set at 1966 days for BFF's. The API has not been limited. Server load is much better now after this change. This is probably not the nicest change for some of you but I guess this is a good time to start checking out BFF or the API ;-) Peace out!

10/24 - So far everything has been rock stable, what a relief! A lot of extra time has been spend tidying up pieces here and there.
- Permanently moved TV shows from movies
- Permanently moved adult content from movies
- More releases are being renamed automatically
- Releases containing dodgy exe files are more aggressively purged
- Dubbed releases are purged more often
These routines might need a bit more tweaking, you are welcome to report any!

9/25 - Troubled times... Our replacement completely died on us yesterday. We had to restore a two day old backup so if you registered with us before and can't access your account you need to create it again. Everything is pretty much back to normal now, if you see something wrong, hit us up.

9/20 - We went down again last night. I have ordered a replacement SSD as it's crapping out sometimes. Will be replaced in the next 24 hours. There will be some downtime while data is being moved but only for around 15 minutes. Weekend is around the corner, let's make it a blast everyone! Party hardy! ;-)

9/9 - You probably have noticed the ads as of today, these are disabled for BFF's. Doing a test run for a week. I hope they are not too intrusive.

9/8 - Dear crawlers, lots of little changes as of late based on user input, enjoy! ;-)
- Retention upped to 1848 days
- Viewserie page no longer shows aliases
- Serieslist page no longer shows aliases
- Shows starting with 'The' are not piled up anymore on serieslist page
- MASSIVE dubbed releases cleanup
- You can now select a theme from your profile!
- BFF can alert admin on wrong release from details page
- Multiple uploads of nzb's was broken, fixed
- Forum search
- All TV Series have country and genre
Peace out.

8/23 - Usenet-Crawler will be celebrating it's first birthday in two months. I would like to do something special that week with the website, anyone got some idea's? Hit me up through 'Contact Us'. We switched servers again last week and for the first time there is actually some free RAM, the new disks are proper, this machine is a beast! If you find anything unusual, please hit me up. There have been a few more changes as of late, let's recap them:
- Retention upped to 1832 days
- My Shows has an extra filter, enabling you to see only recent aired shows
- New groups added and some groups refreshed
- Moved to a new server
- TV Series pages containing lots of shows were really slow, fixed.
Peace out!

8/8 - Enough with the slowness. New server has been ordered and oh boy this is a nice one. Dual 2620s, 64 GB RAM and a SSD. PewPewPew

8/7 - Dear crawlers, for the last few days the website has been performing very badly. The upgraded search engine and new members coming in every day is putting quite a strain on this server. I went over every little detail on the server and everything is responsive again. If this doesn't stick, we probably will upgrade to a server with 64 GB RAM. That is crazy thinking we started with 4 ;-) Anyway some changes were rolled out recently, let's recap them:
- Improved search engine; when searching the RAR archive is searched as well
- A filter has been added to the books page which hides technical books
- Retention has been increased to 1817 days
- Improved hashed release renaming
- NZB upload support; best friends can upload NZB's
- Chat between members
That's all folks ;-)

6/14 - Hello friends, today we have upped the retention to a staggering 1762 days, WOW! We also added a few groups based on requests from our fellows. Weekend is around the corner, so let's not waste any time further, Party Hardy!

6/5 - Harder Better Faster Stronger - Dear friends and best friends. I'm sorry to keep you in the dark like this. While things may seem a bit more quiet, that doesn't mean I'm not keeping my eye on you. I'm a bit overwhelmed at times, but that's OK. You are important to me, besty or no besty. Peace out.

2/26 - Massive cleanup completed, database is looking much better.

2/22 - Ads are now turned off for the weekend, enjoy!

2/21 - Weekend is almost around the corner and I'm not forgetting my promise. Tomorrow ads will be turned off for the weekend. Usenet-Crawler is turning the swag on! You can still vote us up here. Peace out!

2/18 - Comments have been opened up to everyone, please do not use it to ask questions.

2/16 - Friends I need your help! Me and my BFF's would like to get a bit more popular on reddit. To do so, I need y'all to like us there. I know some of you can't be my BFF, but there can still be benefits. Get us a lot of likes and I'll turn off ads on the website for the weekend. We believe in you; Click here and please leave a comment or vote us up.

2/14 - a.b.comics.dcp, a.b.ipod.videos & a.b.warez.ibm-pc.0-day groups were not pulling releases correctly. This is fixed now and older releases have been backfilled.

2/13 - Usenet-Crawler has been added as a default NZB provider in SickBeard! Thanks everyone for your continued support!

2/9 - An update was rolled out featuring nfo parsing, nzbvortex, ogg previews & new categories. Please use the 'Contact Us' page if you are experiencing any problems since the upgrade. Enjoy your weekend!

2/3 - From now on everyone has read only access to the comments. This should help out with some of the fake releases. BFF's will be able to add comments.

1/22 - Another server move completed ;-) Everything went pretty smooth. I had to transfer about 300 GB in a few million files over the internet, was afraid it would takes ages but our connection is pretty damn good. The site is a lot faster after the move, I wonder for how long though, we sure grow fast! The response on the RaiderZ server is a bit of a let down, decided to drop the project and focus my efforts on making this place picture perfect. 0.04% of our user base gave the game a spin, it's just not worth it. Peace out.

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