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Not data returned API call using Sickbeard

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on Feb 10, 2017
(16 Wks)
Hi admin, not sure if this is the right place, can you help me fix my API or reissue me a new one thanks. I get this is the Sickbeard logs all the time.

2017-02-10 11:58:02 SEARCHQUEUE-RSS-SEARCH :: Error loading Usenet-Crawler URL: https://www.usenet-crawler.com/api?apikey=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&t=tvsearch&cat=5030%2C5040
2017-02-10 11:58:02 SEARCHQUEUE-RSS-SEARCH :: No data returned from https://www.usenet-crawler.com/api?apikey=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&t=tvsearch&cat=5030%2C5040
2017-02-10 11:42:39 SEARCHQUEUE-RSS-SEARCH :: Error loading Usenet-Crawler URL: https://www.usenet-crawler.com/api?apikey=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&t=tvsearch&cat=5030%2C5040
on Feb 18, 2017
(14 Wks)
i get the same with sickbeard, some days it works some days it's like this.
on Feb 19, 2017
(14 Wks)
I dont actually think its a problem with the use-net crawler api, so much as a problem with sickbeard. I have 5-6 different indexers and they all randomly return that error.

I think the response time- out, in sickbeard, is set way to short. But i haven't put any effort into trying to fix them. Typically sorts itself pretty quickly.
on Mar 14, 2017
cool thanks
on Mar 15, 2017
i thought everybody was using sonar/radar by now
on Mar 15, 2017
have same problem with sonarr actually.
on Mar 19, 2017
time out with sonarr as well
on Mar 19, 2017
I like sickbeard. Just cause 'everyone" switches to something doesnt mean its always worth doing.

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