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Searches On Search Bar Return Error Message

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on May 11, 2017
(31 Wks)
When I type a search into the search field of the web pages here at www.usenet-crawler.com, under TV HD, or just ALL, I get an error message that the title I am looking for does not exist, check spelling, try different key words, etc. I know the titles exist here, because I just downloaded nzbs from those titles yesterday. It would seem that the search function is broken.

Just to test the search function, I looked at the index and chose a title right from the top of the list, it was "Chicago PD," and I typed a search for that title, and crawler returned the exact same error message.

Optimus Prime (Admin), do you maintain Usenet-Crawler all by your lonesome, or does anyone assist you? If so, this is quite an impressive undertaking for one person to take on alone. No pressure or anything, I just didn't know if anyone had brought it (search error message) to your attention yet.

Thank you for your patience and time.


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