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on Aug 2, 2017
For some time I've not been able to get to the chat page. Stopped trying after awhile. Now I get a 404 page. Does anyone know if chat is still up ? Did the address change?
on Aug 2, 2017
Chat's not working... Nzedb and Spotweb aren't working... and the last status update was from July 11. Sure would be nice if we knew if anyone's working on this. Sadly, we've been down this path before. All we can do is wait and hope.
on Aug 5, 2017
Im still waiting for the BFF i have paid for. can anyone help
on Aug 5, 2017
Chat has been down for ages.
OptimusPrime - admin
on Aug 8, 2017

Our proxies were segfaulting and only a reboot would solve it, No fun with encrypted drives in the night. I had to go back to a bare config and apply from there. All and more is back up and stable.
on Aug 8, 2017
I just logged on and was greeted by another username logged in on my own computer. I think your database is corrupted somehow. Logged out and relogged using my cookies credentials and back to normal. You guys need to investigate if the DB has been compromised.
on Aug 8, 2017
Also having this issue. Every time I come to Usenet Crawler I am displayed as being another random user. It changes every time.
on Aug 9, 2017
most of the site return 500 site not working :(

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