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Mig Mig Mig Dagens Mand DANISH 720p WEB h264-FFD [e

Name:Mig.Mig.Mig.Dagens.Mand.DANISH.720p.WEB.h264-FFD [e
Cover: Me and Charly
Movie Info: Me and Charly (1978) 6.3/10
Steffen is a good kid, a teenager who has recently finished school and is looking for work. He lives with his widowed mother, a newspaper reporter. Very little throws him off his stride, whether it is his girlfriend's jealousy of his friendship with Charly, a reform-school boy, or his mother's drunken, playful amorousness one night, because he reminds her of his father.

Genre: Drama
Category:Movies > Foreign > Danish
Size:204.31 MB (100%)
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