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The Truth About Bebe Donge (1952) 6.8/10

François Donge, a rich industrialist and womaniser, meets a girl nicknamed Bébé who he marries. Ten years later, poisoned by his wife and dying in hospital, he recalls his married life and understands how his wife who adored him suffered from his many affairs and indifference.

Genre: Drama
Director: Henri Decoin
Starring: Danielle Darrieux, Jean Gabin, Jacques Castelot

Marie-Octobre (1959) 7.3/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

Eight men and a woman...one betrayed the man Marie-Octobre really loved
A group of ex-resistance fighters are brought together by Marie-Octobre, the code name of Marie-Helene Dumoulin. The former members of the network have carried on with their lives after the war, but this evening they are going to have to live again a fateful night – the night their leader was killed. He had been betrayed, his name given to the Germans. The search for the traitor puts each personality in the spotlight – and also that of the killed leader, Castille.

Genre: Mystery, Drama
Director: Julien Duvivier
Starring: Danielle Darrieux, Bernard Blier, Robert Dalban