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Misión en Mocland (2008) 5.3/10

This is not a history about magic.
On the Planet Moc, the límbar is the equivalent of water, the vital substance. General Neflin has stolen all the límbar and is getting all the power of the Planet. So, Queen Pola send a special team to the space to search for a legendary mineral called "aloma", which is capable of creating new límbar on the Planet. The team commanded by Lalo, a young pilot, will go to outer space and try to comeback with the mineral before General Neflin takes full control of Moc. The problem is they are not sure if "aloma" really exist or is just a legend.

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Director: Juan Manuel Suárez, Juanma Suárez
Starring: Francisco Cardona, Nonia de la Gala, Antonia de Miguel