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For Could We Maybe.1976.danish-NoGroup

Title: Could We Maybe (1976).PAL.DVD   (Original title: Måske ku' vi)    
IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0124020/                              
Kim (Karl Wagner) is an attractive and well liked 15 year old Danish boy 
with a rather ordinary life. He likes to drink beer and party with his   
friends. School is a bore. His parents are divorced and his mother       
doesn't make much money. Suddenly Kim finds himself taken hostage by bank
robbers, along with Marianne (Marianne Groth Svendsen), who's also 15.   
They find themselves out in the country, hiding from the police, making  
love and meeting unusual people with unconventional points of view. What 
will happen to the young lovers' new romance when the adventure is over  
and they have to return to their real lives?                             
Lasse Nielsen                                                            
Morten Arnfred                                                           
Marianne Groth Svendsen                                                  
Karl Wagner                                                              
Marie-Louise Coninck                                                     
Ole Ernst                                                                
Morten Hovman                                                            
Beth Lendorf                                                             
Ole Meyer                                                                
Kirsten Søberg                                                           
Ib Tardini                                                               
Format:                     MPEG-PS                                      
File size:                  3.52 GB                                      
Duration:                   1h 32m 56s                                   
Overall bit rate mode:      Variable                                     
Overall bit rate:           5.423 Mbps                                   
Format:                     MPEG Video                                   
Formast Version:            Version 2                                    
Standard:                   PAL                                          
Duration:                   1h 32m 56s                                   
Bit rate mode:              Variable                                     
Bit rate:                   4.995 Mbps                                   
Width:                      720 pixels                                   
Height:                     576 pixels                                   
Display aspect ratio:       16:9                                         
Frame rate:                 25.000 fps                                   
Bit depth:                  8 bits                                       
Scan type:                  Interlaced                                   
Scan order:                 Bottom Field First                           
Format:                     AC-3                                         
Duration:                   1h 32m 56s                                   
Bit rate mode:              Constant                                     
Bit rate:                   320 Kbps                                     
Channel(s):                 2 channels                                   
Channel positions:          Front: L R                                   
Sampling rate:              48.0 KHz                                     
Bit depth:                  16 bits                                      
Compression mode:           Lossy                                        
Language:                   danish                                       
Subtitle  1                                                              
Format:                     RLE                                          
Format/Info:                Run-length encoding                          
Language:                   english                                      
Subtitle  2                                                              
Format:                     RLE                                          
Format/Info:                Run-length encoding                          
Language:                   danish