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For Seven Invisible Men (2005).PAL.DVD

Title: Seven Invisible Men (2005).PAL.DVD                                
IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0471911/                              
A group of drop-outs, losers and criminals are travelling in a           
stolen Mercedes seemingly aimlessly along numerous derelict              
houses and impassable roads to eventually end up on an old               
decaying state farm in Crimea, the southern tip of the former            
Soviet Union, where the mother, wife and daughter of one of them         
live. The men kill time with smoking, drinking and staring in            
front of them, but an undercurrent of tension is brewing. On the         
last night they have a party that is just as destructive as              
their lives.                                                             
Sharunas Bartas                                                          
Dmitriy Podnozov                                                         
Rita Klein                                                               
Aleksandre Saulov                                                        
Saakanush Vanyan                                                         
Denis Kirillov                                                           
Igor Cygankov                                                            
Lenie Barieva                                                            
Alime Bekirova                                                           
Sergei Bezchasniuk                                                       
Men Sultan Bojarova                                                      
Konstantin Bondarenko                                                    
Oleg Chetverikov                                                         
Valentina Chetverikova                                                   
Ekaterina Galichenko                                                     
Nadezhda Galichenko                                                      
Format:                     MPEG-PS                                      
File size:                  5.88 GB                                      
Duration:                   1h 54m 05s                                   
Overall bit rate mode:      Variable                                     
Overall bit rate:           7.385 Mbps                                   
Format:                     MPEG Video                                   
Format Version:             Version 2                                    
Standard:                   PAL                                          
Duration:                   1h 54m 05s                                   
Bit rate mode:              Variable                                     
Bit rate:                   6.982 Mbps                                   
Width:                      720 pixels                                   
Height:                     576 pixels                                   
Display aspect ratio:       16:9                                         
Frame rate:                 25.000 fps                                   
Bit depth:                  8 bits                                       
Scan type:                  Interlaced                                   
Scan order:                 Top Field First                              
Format:                     AC-3                                         
Duration:                   1h 54m 05s                                   
Bit rate mode:              Constant                                     
Bit rate:                   256 Kbps                                     
Channel(s):                 2 channels                                   
Channel positions:          Front: L R                                   
Sampling rate:              48.0 KHz                                     
Bit depth:                  16 bits                                      
Compression mode:           Lossy                                        
Language:                   russian                                      
Format:                     Hard coded                                   
Language:                   french