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Bob and Cortney Novogratz are the owners of Sixx Design in New York. The couple for years had taken wrecked buildings and made them fabulous, living in them for a while, then selling and moving on. After a few such exchanges, they decided to make it the family business, and Sixx Design was born. Why Sixx? Well, both from large Southern families themselves, they decided they wanted a lot of children. And at the time they created the company, they had six, including two sets of twins. Cameras follow the couple as they try to find a balance between the demands of their increasing brood and their high-stress occupation, with demanding clients, deadline issues and construction challenges. From a 24-room hotel on the Jersey Shore to a glass house in Manhattan, Bob and Cortney renovate, reinvent and recharge the spaces, putting their unique stamp on the living areas for top dollar.

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Season S01

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NFO Aired 9.3 Yrs ago Media  Has English For Sure 
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NFO Aired 9.3 Yrs ago
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